Covid-19 Update

Pilrig House's 5-Star Garden Apartment is a very special place to stay when you come back to visit Edinburgh or want a base for further travel throughout Scotland, and has availability from 1 June 2021. We are so looking forward to welcoming you back to Pilrig House.

Our number one priority, to which we are 100% committed, is providing a safe environment for you, so you can have total reassurance about being able to enjoy your stay.

Pilrig House is a member of the ASSC (Association of Scotland's Self-Caterers) and Visit Scotland. Both of these Associations have collaborated to develop a strict cleaning protocol (approved by the Scottish Government's Health Department) for the self-catering sector, in the context of Covid-19.

Health & Protection

Debbie has undertaken the training and is fully competent in her knowledge of the Cleaning Protocols for Self-Catering Properties and Short-Term Lets in the Context of Covid-19.

Debbie (the owner) has taken the industry-recognised course in Hygiene ProtectionDebbie (the owner) has taken the industry-recognised course in Hygiene Protection

Cleaning Protocols

At Pilrig House we have always, from the date we started in 2012, placed cleanliness and hygiene as our top priority - and had a deep, rigorous cleaning regime between guest stays. This has been reflected, repeatedly, in the guest feedback we received and in the high level of return bookings.

Now, as well as undertaking the online training in Covid-19 Holiday Let Cleaning Protocols - I have created the following stringent Cleaning Protocols to ensure your safety from the minute you arrive at Pilrig House:

  • contactless check in & departure (with the owner a phone call away if you want/need advice on anything at all: Meet in the Garden - while you are here, Debbie can be contacted to chat with you in the garden - at a safe distance from one another)
  • hand sanitiser will be provided inside the apartment, and the appropriate disinfectants and cleaning materials, for you to use during your stay, as well as boot tray near your entrance to the apartment, for external footwear each time you enter the apartment
  • fallow days will now be the norm, either side of every booking, during which time the apartment will be properly ventilated
  • the apartment will be cleaned, fogged with environmentally safe disinfectant, then cleaned again, between guests, and the correct PPE will be worn by the housekeeper (who will also be trained in the correct cleaning protocols)
  • details of what to do if you think you have become ill during your stay will be provided
  • a Welcome tablet - inside your apartment, will detail all the facts about your apartment, and things you may want/need to know. It will be wiped down between guests
  • guest departure list will be provided to you, detailing all the steps to be taken before leaving, to minimise spread
  • the communal door knob on the door which provides entry to your apartment, and entry hall, will be disinfected by the owner several times per day
  • we shall no longer provide a welcome pack of flowers, minimise the risk of Covid
  • all soft furnishings: cushions, pillows, throws - will be rotated and fresh ones supplied every changeover.

Pilrig House, Edinburgh

Our aim is quite simply to provide our guests with a truly delightful place to stay in Edinburgh.

Our apartments are warm and inviting, beautifully furnished and immaculately kept, and has been designed to make visitors feel welcome and comfortable. With the luxury you would expect of a Visit Scotland graded 5-star property, we provide all the practical extras that we can think of to help our guests thoroughly enjoy their time at Pilrig House.

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